29 May 2014

introducing gemma

hello all!!
so I am officially free! No more exams (until november)
so back to posting again

so today since I haven't had the time to do photos for posts, I thought I would introduce you to my little pussy cat; gemma!

my family and I have had gemma for almost 3 years when we got her as a kitten

in September 2011 my kitten got run over and died which was very upsetting and a very hard time for me

she was actually the subject of my first ever blog

so little gemma the burmese joined our family at the end of october 2011 and made her self part of the family
she is very troublesome and always causes a ruckus but she is gorgeous and we love her so much!

every night she snuggles in bed with me and I heat a wheat bag for her in the microwave. it's cat print of course. She is part of the family and talks to us.
burmese pussy cats are so much like dogs!

the photo on the left (^^) was a bit of an outtake of our "photo shoot" but it's pretty cute
hope you are having a good week
x harri



  1. Awwww! <3 So cute! She's absolutely perfect. I love cats so so much... I wish I had one... ><


  2. Gemma is adorable! There is a Saimese cat where I live who looks very similar to Gemma. I haven't met many Burmese cats before, actually! She looks so soft! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  3. Such gorgeous photos of your cat! My cat is a Burmese too, except he has a white coat. His name is Dave . . . . :D


  4. What is the font name for the ones on the right sidebar?

  5. Awww oh my goodnes what a sweetheart! Love that outtake, and the second photo. <3

  6. Haha your cat is adorable^_^

  7. Haha your cat is really cute^-^ I love your blog!


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