24 May 2014


I'm so sorry it's been over a week. I haven't been going so well lately with a schedule
but of course the thing known as school and exams has gotten in the way again (along with my sailing and working) and I just haven't had the time
so right now and lately....

1 // revising for exams
yes we will start on the slightly boring part. The thing we all hate. Exams. So I am a bit tied up right now but have many posts planned. Just need the time to take photos!!
But you can't help but like the pretty stationery from +Chloe Larkin's DIY
it still makes me smile at school everyday!

2 // my art project
I shall still continue with school but this is more interesting
we are doing a project at school at the moment in art to make a quilt about WW1 (for the centenary). we all have to make an individual patch but also have to create a visual diary to research and plan out

3 // mailing list launch
now for some blogging news
I've started a mailing list for you to all join
to receive exclusive (so VIP sounding) content, freebies, giveaways in a bi-montly email
I really would love if you would join (theres a little button in the sidebar before the copyright)

what else has been happening.....

+ yen magazine liked my photo on instagram. Out of millions of photos they liked my little photos of their creative issue!! It may not be a follow but it's still just....ahh the happiness!!

+ I got 2.7K followers on instagram. 2.7K HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE LIKE SERIOUSLY WAS ONLY 200 A FEW MONTHS AGO. 

+ I'm changing the design around here as you might have noticed. But I think my brain is too clogged up why algebra to think right now but I kind of like what I've done so far

+ I've started my new visual diary/scrapbook. I'm so excited to share it with you as the actual journal took forever to arrive (I ordered it on the 6th April and arrived last week)

see you next week, i've got something planned for you!!
x harri



  1. Ah Harrie what a great post and a wonderful idea to have the mailing list, I definitely joined! I've been thinking of doing one for ages, they seem so fun:) Can't wait to see yours.
    xx Juli

  2. hey harri- great post would you mind checking out my recent post!! I think you'll like it xx paintingtheoceanblog.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Nice post, congrats on 2.7k!

  4. Congratz ooh myy!! 2,7K!!
    Harri u deserve it! Good luck on your exams

    I tagged you to tumblr tag on my blog :)
    xx Barbora

  5. Your blog is absolutely adorable! :) Those notebooks are the cutest ever. I love your little creative space!!

  6. Post more about your art project pleaseeee! Its so cute!

  7. Your blog is great! Any tips?


  8. Hi! I was just wondering where the pens on the picture are from? And what brand they are? Oh, and i love your blog^-^


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