11 May 2014

mixtape // changes of the seasons

once again, I have neglected this little blog
I've got exams in 2 weeks plus a big art project due so my life has been pretty hectic and busy!
and thank you so much for 400 followers!!

and it's getting colder down here in NZ
I was actually cold yesterday when sailing with brilliant sunshine. brrr...!
so it's changing of the seasons and there is some great music around....

if you have any suggestions, as usual, I would love to know!! Leave them in the comments
x harri

changing of the seasons by Harriet Wren on Grooveshark



  1. Dreams is such a beautiful song! This is a perfect mixtape!


  2. Problem is a staple for me in my playlist. AMAZING!

  3. Good Luck for your exams! Problem has been one of my favourite songs as well xxx

  4. I love Ariana Grandes song "problem"!

  5. Oh what a lovely list! I love Gabrielle, unfortunately no one where I live knows who she is, but nonetheless she is just amazing! Hope everything goes well with you exams:)
    xx Juli


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