3 Jun 2014

prettify your room // style a circular table

right now I have so many prettify your room posts planned
there are just so many opportunities to style your room
and this one is so unique because circular tables are hard to make pretty
and my bedside is a circular table so you can definitely apply this to a bedroom table

so where do you start....I really just starting experimenting and took photos of my favourites but here are some main starting up tips

consider a colour palette to go on your table or go hard out crazy
remember the KISS strategy. Keep it simple sweetie. Make sure you don't overdo it and make sure you can see some part of the table. It doesn't matter if something goes over the side, but at least have some table showing. also think about having a tray or board on top. Gives you are 'normal' table base to use if you want.

how to arrange things //

stacks are your best friend on circular tables. Have stacks from biggest to smallest of books (odd numbers always look better). then a nice plant or something on top. Or maybe your iPad or jar of pens. Whatever floats your boat (love that saying!!). Have mixtures of shapes to lighten it up. Don't have a table of all round stuff or all square stuff. Mix it up and have a bit of fun

Other ideas //
- have bowls of seashells or a plant on top of magazines
- have colourful coasters (even if not a coffee table)
- plants!!!
- just a thing like a vase or sculpture thing

(don't you just love this filter. I'm having a hard time not using it on everything. It's from the ABM mini actions collection)

tips for bedside tables //
- keep it really really simple
- reorganise it often with latest magazine or book not your entire collection
- include lots of useful bedside things like lip balm or notepad for those 3am ideas
- a lamp. make sure it is very small but still provides a suitable light for your needs

have fun and see you next time as I've got something so so exciting to share with you
x harri



  1. Great ideas! I like your desk clock. And the ABM filters are gorgeous!

  2. That tabletop is so cute! I also love the clock. :)

  3. your blog is like tumblr! Love it


  4. I recognised the ABM filter immediately! :P

    erin, beingerin.com

  5. Hi! I was just wondering what brand your pens are and where they are from? Oh and I love your blog:) -Ella



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