17 Jul 2014

diy // fabric planters

Today I have finally got a new diy for you!!
It is has been ages since I've actually diyed - thanks to the fact that I barely have time at the moment
but I've had two weeks of relaxing and got some crafting done, but I'm back to sailing next week. haha!!

so today I'm sharing with you how to make these adorable fabric planters that can be adjusted to any size you want and perfect to cover any sort of pot!
let's get started....

you will need //
outer fabric (calico) // inner fabric (fav colour) // interfacing // needle + thread // fabric ink pad // eraser

What is interfacing // Interfacing is a fabric used on the unseen (or inside) side of fabrics to make it more rigid. Inferfacings can be used to shirt collars or keep fabric from stretching out of shape. It is really easy and cheap to buy at your local craft shop (or wherever you get your fabric). You can iron it on all just have it in the middle of your planter. This will help your cover to stand up.

1 // First you will want to make a stamp (or buy one) out of your eraser. Cut it out and start stamping. Lay out your calico and stamp over the right side of the fabric in the pattern that you want.

2 // Now you want to cut out your fabrics. 

you will need a circle out of each fabric including interfacing that is 16cm in diameter or adjust to your plant pot. You also need a rectangular piece of each type of fabric including the interfacing measured by 53 cm x 17 cm. If you have changed your sizing measure the circumference of your circle and add 3 cm to it to replace the 53 cm. Adjust the height by your choice.

3 // Pin each of your different shapes together in this order. Interfacing, inner fabric (colour) right side up, outer fabric right side down. Pin both the circles and rectangles in this order.

4 // Sew around the edge of each of your shapes with a 1 1/2 cm seam allowance and a empty space to turn inside out. 

5 // Now you need to hand sew (or if you are a sewing whizz, with a machine) the base and sides together. 

Do this by moving the sides around the base and sewing a blanket stitch on the inside. This is a slow process as you have to continually line up the fabrics and it is also going through 6 layers of fabric.

6 // Now sew the two ends together and you are done!! 

and there you have it. A new handmade pot cover for you plant

I really hope that you enjoy this diy, it's so fun to make!!
see you soon
xx harri

P.S. before you ask, my plant is a peace lily! thanks xx



  1. This is SO amazing Harri!! Your so clever!
    All I need now is a plant :P

    Have a wonderful day
    Ruby xx

  2. This is an amazing idea, Harri! ♥
    I have to find nice fabric and I'll be able to do it!

    Have a nice day! ♥

  3. Muy bien explicado y muy bonito el resultado!

  4. Ahh! It's so cute! Such a great idea!

  5. i am definetly putting this design on one of my plant pots!!!
    thank you for the inspirations :3

  6. This is an excellent idea Harri!Seriously I need to try this one!I love the watermelon pattern on the sewing machine!
    Have fun!

    The Lifer Blog|| www.theliferblog.blogspot.com

  7. This is so cute! What a cute little pattern and awesome DIY!
    Thank you for such a great post!
    xx Harper

  8. This is gorgeous! I've seen these fabric bag things every where lately!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog


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