6 Jul 2014

Making the most of your instax mini

today I'm back with my second instax post
thanks so much for the amazing response to the video and thanks once again to instax for collaborating with me!! It's so fun working with someone again!

so when I got my camera, I was quite confused how to use it, but actually it's so so simple!!
But there are a couple of things that would definitely help you get the most out of your camera and get the best photos you can that you can treasure forever.
I also want to share some of my photos that I have taken so far.

brightness changing function //

so your instax mini 8 doesn't have the same functions as your favourite slr camera but it's brightness function is great and easy to use

make sure you always check you have the right one on, sometimes the camera's automatic choice isn't the right one. You have to make your decision. Don't think you have to go down one if you think your photos are too bright. It's more likely you will get a dark photo instead and the brighter option is better

high key function //

High-key lighting simply means that the image is pretty much evenly lit from left to right, without shadows falling on part of your object

High Key can really over expose your photo but it does remove shadows that surround your images

Sometimes the indoors function gives you very high exposure anyway and its not necessary. But a darker day inside may mean that a high key photo is what you want 

above it an example of a high key photo and indoors photo which I took within a minute of each other so it gives you a good idea of what to expect (is was bright in my room but not direct sunlight)
As you can see the high key really overexposed the photo and was not needed in the situation

always firing flash //

It's not a problem!! it makes the photos so good and I have never looked at the flash this way before
it actually gives the photos so much character that is definitely part of the instant camera effect
and it's probably one of my favourite parts of the camera compared to a DSLR
the photos are so different but they are just as good in so many different ways

keep inspired and have a good day
it's NZ school holidays so I've got lots of posting planned
xx harri

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I was sent an instax mini 8 free of charge in return for a full collaboration feature. Many thanks to Maca @ Fuji Film NZ for sending me the camera to try out. 



  1. I'm loving your Instax posts :)

    1. Thanks Erin!! Lots more to come xx

  2. That camera is cute! :)


  3. I wish I got an instax mini for my birthday this year!! Nice post! x


  4. Ive always wanted an instax mini, I have a polaroid but the film is ridiculously expensive so this would be ideal for me.Plus, the photos just look so cute! Keep these posts coming :)

  5. This camera is adorable! I've wanted a new polaroid for a while, and this could be the perfect replacement.

  6. Your photos are cute! I have a polaroid but wish I brought it to NYC with me for the summer.


  7. Your pictures and the camera are so pretty ! Omg I need a Polaroid ;)


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