1 Jul 2014

new things

hello everyone!!
so there is heaps of things going on around here lately that I thought I should give you all a bit of an update on
this blog just keeps growing and growing and sometimes I just can't keep up.

first of all...shopping
I can't resist some good shopping after watching #tfios to drown away my sorrows
I went to typo and got the bunny pen and the washi tape which is just so cute!!
Then I went to Kikki.K and bought the wooden pencil cup, gel pen and mechanical pencil.

I've also obviously been playing around with my instax. It's been so much to do my collaboration posts as well as for personal use. This camera will be well used for years to come!

what else has been happening

+ I got an amazing shoutout from Heart Handmade UK. Thank you so so much for your kind words and my many new readers that have joined us!!

+ I'm doing another survey. It's been awhile since the last one and I've changed some stuff a lot. Take the survey here. I really appreciate your feedback

+ I've set up a sponsor page. Sidebar Ads start at $5 with only a select few available per month as well I am offering brand collaborations, product reviews and blogger collaborations

+ I'm working on some new stuff for the shop - more art as well as some more exciting things (think HTML coding and blog help)

have a great week, stay inspired and enjoy the little things
xx harri

P.S. issue 2 of mailing list mag goes out today. I found a better way of making them and will now be monthly so I really hope you enjoy



  1. I have a Polaroid camera and love it!

  2. So cute! I am off to Kiki. K + Typo today so I will be sure to check these out. I love your photos so much! x


    1. have fun!! wish I could go today

  3. What is the brand of that wooden ruler??? Its so cuteeee x bulan


  4. I love my instax so so so much! They're great. Lovely blog lady :)

  5. A shopping spree is DEFINITELY the best way to recover from watching tfios! Loving the little bunny washi tape ^_^ so adorable Xx

  6. Im so pleased you like it! I totally did my own polka dot envelopes for some birthday cards and have now spent a small fortune on ink pads! I'm totally signing up to your mailing list! I love this place ^_^ xo.


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