30 Jul 2014

Q + A


Sorry for a bit of a gap between posts. School started this week so I've been a bit busy settling back into routine after 3 weeks off!!

So I'm here with the promised Q + A. I hope all your questions are answered otherwise leave them in the comments (vv) and I'll answer them, so please check back

...and finally, before you all ask. Above is my visual diary (make your own here) and I'm planning to share inside of my one soon and teach you how to put a dust cover on one as well!!

So divided these into a few sections as well...


Where do you want to travel to? I would just love to go to Europe - Paris, London.... but also I love Australia (Sydney) and Hawaii, I hear is beautiful.

Kikki.K or Typo? This is a tough call...I think Kikki.K though! Why are you making me choose..!!

What subjects do you take at school? I'm only in year 10 so I have to take the compulsory subjects of maths, science, english, social studies. But for my options I take business studies (introduction to economics + accounting) and art of course!!

What do you like to do in your spare time? umm....blogging!! haha. Actually I really love sailing. I'm training to become an instructor this year so it takes up a lot of my time.


What camera do you use to take your photos? I have a Canon EOS 1100D with a EF 18 - 55 Lens. I also use an iPhone 5 for my videos as the video part is hard on my camera.

How do you edit your photos? I edit my photos with photoshop which I talked about here

How do you get such good light for your photos? I edit my photos to get better light but finding a bright wall/desk without direct sunlight is the key.

What time of day do you take your photos? For my room, in the winter 11am is the best time because my room faces east but the direct sun has gone. But in the summer, as long as it is a bright day I can take them anytime. Winter is sometimes such a pain because there are days when there is no light.


What inspired you to make a blog? I originally found a blog called Lost in the Haze which is a fashion blog. I started fashion blogging but then discovered that there was bloggers doing things like crafting and sharing inspiration which was a childhood passion of mine.

what are some tips for someone starting a new blog? Being original is number one, but you also need to put lots of work into your posts so that when people do come to your blog, you give them a good first impression.

How many followers did you have on Instagram in the first week of your blog? I had Instagram before my blog but probably only 20 or something because they were friends and family.

how many readers did you have after your first week, month and year on your blog? I doubt I had anyone on my first week because you can't expect that. After first month maybe I had 20 but probably not. After my first year I almost had 300 (this was in March)

How do you get so many viewers and followers on your blog? You just have to keep working at it and have really good quality posts. I've been working on my blog for 1 1/2 years. I promise you the first 100 followers is hard to get to then it gets easier.

how do you get sponsored? For my big collaborations, I have contacted the brands about collaborating but you have to have a good pitch email to send to them as well as really good content (I keep going on about this) for them to read and see what your brand is actually about.

Can you do some coding tutorials? I'm currently in the process of making 2 e-courses. The first being 'simple code' being released end of August and another course about blogging in general and getting sponsorship etc.


What are your inspirations ? My inspirations are tonnes of bloggers including uhm chelsea, chestnut, a little birdy and a beautiful mess. But also the world around us is inspiration.

where does you inspiration for all your blog posts come from? The world. Everywhere is inspiration. Maybe something on pinterest or craft gawker but more likely to be from something I've seen. Sometimes ideas just come to me as well!!

How do you take inspiration and create something out of it? You have to see it differently from what it is. You have to see something and be able to think up something new with a base from your inspiration. You could sketch it out, change the colours, change the shape etc.

keep inspired
x harri



  1. Great post, so interesting! I also love your visual art diary post. Definitely inspiring me to create my own!


  2. I just found your blog and I am blown away! You are one seriously talented lady, following along to see what the future holds for you!

  3. Im so in love with your visual diary! If all the pages are like that one, I bet it's a beautiful dairy

  4. your visual diary is so so cuteee! and the photography sections is very helpful, thanks Harri xx

    Hallo Horo

  5. It was so cool getting to know you a little more.You definitely have a high-quality blog, it's no wonder you got almost 300 readers in your first year!
    I am also looking forward to your visual journal post, it looks lovely.

  6. This is so cute! Your blog is very helpful-I love it!

  7. Hello Harri, I absolutely adore your blog <3 I am looking to invest in a new camera and was wondering if you had any suggestions? Thankyou :* xx


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