12 Aug 2014

birthday cheer

So on sunday it was my 15th birthday which was so so exciting!!
Firstly I just want to say, I do not want to brag here - I'm so thankful for everything I have and just wanted to share it with you!

So my cake.....for start it was AMAZING!! IT was a double layer red velvet cake with rich vanilla icing and pretty flowers!

Trying to take this photo, we almost lost the cake as it slipped off the cake stand! But thanks to my Dad's fast reflexes, we still got to eat this amazing cake! Some of my friends were quite scared haha!!

For my birthday we went mini golfing!! So competitive but so much fun, and everyone got really really good!

Then we came home ate cake and played heads up on our phones (that game that ellen made)!
We had kikki.k confetti cups, straws and napkins which were perfect!

Here is a few of the things that I was spoilt with for my birthday. I also got a new camera bag, Lush bath bombs, the body shop stuff, a couple of other little things and a yen magazine subscription!! Yay!!

clockwise from left...

karen walker cat purse // lush shower jelly // typo gel pens pastel // the body shop wild rose hand cream // whittakers 100's + 1000's chocolate miansai bracelet // kikki.k cupcake set // kikki.k live bright notepaper // kikki.k diy confetti sticker book // HAY stationery ruler + scissors  hooray mag issue 6

Once again thank you to my amazing parents and my friends for making my birthday such a special day!!
And to all of you, my followers for wishing me happy birthday on my instagram, sending me emails and commenting here! It made my day so much more special to know that all of you took the time to say happy birthday to me!!

keep inspired
x harri



  1. Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a lovely time :) x

  2. Your cake looks amazing! Very lucky with all your presents too, the chocolate looks amazing!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you had a blast! ^o^
    June | http://weezasjournal.blogspot.com

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The cake looks so cute, thank goodness for your dad's quick reflexes. I love your shirt in the photo by the way, you are gorgeous.
    Martha x

  5. Aw, happy birthday! I love the beautiful pastels of your blog and this post. And your red velvet cakes sounds delicious. Looks amazing!

  6. Wishing u happy birthday again dear!!
    You are so pretty :)) your cake looks soo fab

    I adore the stuff u got and minigolf at party sounds ori ginal fun!!

    Xx Barbora


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