4 Aug 2014

home peeks vol. 1

Today is new feature day. Yay!!!
I would like to introduce you to 'home peeks' - a new feature about my life outside of the normal blog photos
You guys requested this in the survey so here it is! It's kind of like a 'casual friday' on a beautiful mess!! Hope you enjoy

lunches with my mum // making confetti with my cat

I've been making confetti out of hole punches. It's such a good use for old paper scraps that I collect so much of!! And it's even more perfect when you pair it with a cat!

stationery sorting is my favourite // the new yen mag home article is gorgeous // drawing, cutting and sticking 

can't resist more cat photos // how can it be august already...!!

the lovely madison at the wild label sent me this necklace (thanks girl xx) and it looks gorgeous hanging over my calendar.....and can you believe that it is august!!!

thank you so much india for letting me win your #indiakittycolourgiveaway. 
My package arrived yesterday and I just love is so so much!! It's so pink and the baby lips is amazing. I've never had one before and I see why people like them.

I really hope you love this new feature, I love sharing more into my life
See you next time
x harri



  1. Thank you for sharing, I'm glad you decided to add this feature to your blog! There is nothing better than seeing some more personal posts.


  2. everything is so pretty!!!
    i get aq lot of inspiration for my new room from your blog, thannnkss ^.^ <3

  3. Love your interior picks!!! So colorfull yet so calm.


  4. I love how you've styled your room!


  5. I love the new feature, it's a great addition to your blog! My cat is the same breed and colour. Thanks for the great scrapbook paper confetti idea. 😍

  6. I adore the calendar wall <3 and the necklace u got is so wonderful!
    Comgratz on winning the giveaway I have 1 baby lips only because here they font sell em but it was in a package with a mascara gratis so that is awesome

    Xx Barbora

  7. So lovely pictures, i love the colours!
    Your cat is so adorable also!


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