1 Oct 2014

infused water ideas

At long last, I'm here with a post
sorry for that break (again)
But I'm back and I have heaps of ideas now! Also, it's vanilla craft's (the new name) first birthday - thanks so much for bringing me this far!!
on with the post....

Don't you love fruity flavoured water.
To celebrate that it's (almost) summer in NZ, I thought I would share with you some tasty ideas to infuse your water - that is healthy and refreshing

I got this cool drink bottle that has an infuser in it for fruit infused water at school and I've been experimenting with lots of different flavours that I thought I should share with you along with some tips.


Citrus flavours in water is a classic combination. Adding basil or maybe some mint goes really well with citrus - to mix up the flavours and add a difference.


This is a bit different but so yummy. Pomegranate seeds are really nice and refreshing and raspberries are just yummy as. I suggest infusing your berries overnight in the fridge. Unlike citrus which infuses pretty much instantly, it takes much longer for berries to get their full colour and flavour into the water. 


With cold water, your infused water can stay in the fridge for a week. But don't leave it too long because the fruit could go off. If it smells weird or tastes weird - throw it out instantly.

here's a couple of ideas that I drew up for fun!
If you create your own infused water combination, post a photo to instagram and hashtag me #vanillacraftblog

x harri



  1. love this post harri ! Also love the new blog name ! It's so cute x


  2. Anything with mint in it sounds amazing to me! This is something I've been meaning to do for the longest time.


  3. Wow! This post is gorgeous ^.^. I have to give this a try.
    Blog on // June

  4. Nice work! With the summer coming I can't wait to make some flavoured water as well! My favourite is berry tea with orange and blueberry :) But I'm really looking forward to try out your lemon lime and basil.

  5. I love this post - the photos are so colourful and just made me happy looking at them!
    Your drawings are amazing - so talented Harri!

    Georgia - http://milkywayblogger.blogspot.com.au/

  6. Cute drawings ^-^
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

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  8. I love making these waters too; they always look so pretty and I assume they're pretty healthy with all those vitamins infusing the water! Delicious. :) xx http://inkandnonsense.blogspot.co.uk/

  9. This is such a lovely post! I regularly take lemon water to school, so delicious!

    Lots of Love Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile :)


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