24 Oct 2014

iphone photo tips

I just got a new iPhone and have been loving using it for more photos. Its great to be able to have iPhone photos that I can actually use and share on Instagram. Also with the new iOS 8, the photo editing for iPhones is really great and really useful for instant editing.

Here's some tips I've found for making your iPhone photos the best they can be when they just don't work out! Phones are things we barely leave the house with aren't they??

brightness + contrast

This is always my first step for editing. Upping the brightness and the contrast really helps for your dark iPhone photo to pop a bit. It can fix everything pretty quickly - with iPhone editing you don't need any skills or experience and you can't get lost like on photoshop!


Filters were created for a reason you know? Saturation is my next favourite - having a photo look a bit fake is sometimes fine. Upping the saturation really makes your photo pop! Like this one, It was a dark day and I forgot to use the brightness and it turned out terribly. But now I love the photo and it's my wallpaper on my iPhone. So maybe you don't need to be so proud of your instagram photo hash tagged #nofilter

black and white

So this photo you can say is quite terrible actually. One end of the photo there is too much light and one side is so dark. You can save these ugly photos with a black and white filter and up the contrast at the same time.

Other tips
- clean your camera!!
- use good lighting (if you can)
- go and experiment!

So I hope these tips might help you make some better instagram worthy iPhone photos. Experiment a bit and have a bit of fun - iPhone and smartphone photos are pretty cool when they are good because they are so easy to use!

x harri



  1. yay Harri! I loved this post, do these new features come on an iPad Mini 2? I might be getting one soon!
    -Georgina x

  2. Great tips, I have an iPhone and my pictures usually come out terrible, now I know what to do :)
    About your cactus plants...do they have bugs? I want to put a few on my desk in my room but I'm afraid of bugs >. <


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