9 Oct 2014

little catci pot

Today I have a lovely craft for you. A diy clay catci pot (see what I did there! Stolen from Sophie)
Now let me tell you, this was not supposed to be (another) cat craft
I bought some air dry clay with making a geometric plant pot in mind...but making a cube pot is extremely hard and I'm useless with clay - it's so frustrating.
So I decided to make a simple round pot and then dress it up with some cute cat ears. And there, I had a catci pot!! Wheww that was a story haha!!

you will need //

air dry clay // tape // paint // brushes // palette

step 1 //

Roll out your clay to around 5 mm thick 

step 2 // 

Continue rolling and cut into a long oblong shape. Make it as long as you want your pot wide

step 3 //

cut out a small circle to fit the bottom of your rolled up pot. If you choose, you could poke a hole into the bottom so you have drainage.

step 4 //

using some more clay, cut out two small triangles for the cat ears

step 5 //

mould your ears onto the rim of the pot. Then use water and clay to smooth out the cracks and seal the joins

step 6 //

Use your tape to mask off areas of the pot that you want to paint or just paint. I painted mine in pretty gold.

There you have it. Plant your little cactus and you now have a little catci pot!!
xx harri



  1. This is such a good idea! It looks so cute in it's own little pot.


  2. Really cute DIY Harri, thanks for using my name! Hehehe x

  3. Awh cute!
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  4. Aw! So cute<3, where can you get those little catcis?
    Blog on // June

  5. how adorable, i love this idea! x

  6. This is zoo cute Harri! I think Zali did one similar a while back


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