30 Oct 2014

summer inspiration

Are you like me and get incredibly excited for summer, even when it's awhile off.
Well I think I can finally let loose (it's not like its October or anything (: so close!!)

I've got so many plans for the summer - including some snazzy new diys....
(read this post while listening to "The Only Place" by Best Coast!! So summery)

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I just found this idea for seashell candles recently and it's definitely been added to the must do list for the 2015 summer as well as inspiring me for some more seashell crafts...that I'll keep a bit of a secret for now! 

I've always wanted to do fruit popsicles with whole pieces and sprite but this other idea I found sounds much more scrummier with coconut water! I'll let you know how they go!

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Another thing I've always been meaning to do is paint driftwood. But come summer and I either forget to collect driftwood or I can't find any! Better try harder this summer.

Isn't this Martha Stewart Party photo just gorgeous. It's so summery and gives so much inspiration. Maybe i should hold a summer tea party for bloggers....maybe one day guys! I'll definitely keep that idea in mind for the future.

x harri
(I'm home in 8 days, probably can't wait to get blogging again!!)



  1. I can't wait for your new diys and posts, Harri! Those candles look super cute! X
    - June

  2. I can't wait for you to be home again Harri! I've missed you so much xx

  3. The candles are so creative and gives me an idea what to do with all the shells I get on vacation
    I really like the driftwood too, so colorful
    I can't wait to see your takes on these progects


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