22 Dec 2014

christmas gift ideas

YAY!!! The week of christmas festivities has began!!

Can you believe it's ONLY 3 SLEEPS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!!

It feels like yesterday that my friends were busy telling me that christmas was in a 100 days and I should start getting organised.

Though I've been shopping since September..I'm still a bit unorganised and haven't finished shopping!! Uh Oh...

So here's a quick christmas gift guide...that if you are in need of some last minute pressies might be of help. Anyone that I know and is reading this....this can double of a wishlist is you would like!!

1 // Karlsson Minimal Alarm Clock - Let Liv
2 // 2015 Composition Journal - Simple Form
3 // Mini Triangle Cushion - Let Liv
4 // Nudes Bottle Grinder Set - MENU
5 // Mint Dipped Concrete Pot - Superette
6 // Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser - Aesop
7 // Small Plant Cosy - Superette

I'm currently falling in love with copper and natural objects and am planning a new room change. I've found so many great new design shops including Simple Form, Let Liv, Superette Home and Middle of Nowhere. They are all just so pretty and I love browsing through them and their instas are just as perfect! Oh that christmas list keeps getting longer!

Have a great christmas everyone
love you all
x harri


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  1. Everything on this list is perfect, I am loving Superettes Home accessories! Can't wait for a new room tour if you do change your room!
    Martha x


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