31 Dec 2014

hello twenty fifteen

can you believe that we are already saying goodbye to twenty fourteen and welcoming the new twenty fifteen into our lives. Have you guys set any goals yet.

I thought I might stop by to share with you my goals of 2014 and my new goals. I've just had a little peek at last years blog post about new years and I have throughly achieved them.

I set goals to continue blogging and be successful!! At almost 1000 followers which is 900 up from last new years I think I can say I'm successful!! I should take this moment to thank you all so so much for reading and following my blog. I wouldn't be doing this without you.

This is what I said this last year and I can't believe I'm still doing this and have grown so much.

"Then I reached 100 followers. This was special because it was one of my goals for the year, but it also gave me reassurance that people were reading my blog, and my blog might go far in the future"

From the moment I created this blog, I wanted to be a successful blogger. This might sound bad, but at the start I wasn't in it for the fun of it. Of course I soon found love in it and still love it so much to this day. My goals were always set high to get collaborations and make things happen.

Maybe I should have relaxed more and taken the long route but I wouldn't be where I am now without my motivation to succeed. When I reached 100 followers last year, I knew that I was doing the right thing and that blogging would come a major part of my life, and it has!

My other goal this year was to improve my photography and learn to use my camera and I'm pretty sure I've achieved that goal as well. I'm really happy with my photos now as they are always colourful and bright. This is probably one of the first years I've really succeeded in my resolutions... I feel like I could have made bigger goals since I've achieved so much though!

Looking back on 2014 I find it unbelievable to see how much I've achieved with this blog and other parts of my life. I went on a one month long camp and had the time of my life, I had a partnership with fuji film, got a job which I love so much, almost have reached 1000 followers and many more things that would make this post go on forever. What have you guys achieved this year?

In 2015 I would like to achieve in trying more than just 2 goals. I've always stuck with two three but I don't think this is challenging enough for me at the moment. For 2015 I'm going to set 10 achievable but challenging goals. I actually struggled to think of all ten so I hope I haven't set the bar too high for myself.

1. Make the Most of Everyday
2. Try extra hard in my first NCEA exams
3. Reach 1000 followers on my blog
4. Take more photos of my everyday life
5. Make more new friends
6. learn to paddle board
7. Do a Photo A Day Album
8. Try New Things
9. Put effort into every post on my blog
10. Have Fun in 2015

I always want to take more photos of the little moments and I'm connecting this to do a photo a day album which I've been wanting to do for ages. Now i have a Instax mini and SHARE I would love to make an album of Instax prints. I might get a 365 journal from Kikki.K or I might craft my own up. I'm thinking of monthly run downs of the photos - will make me keep on top of it! this year I've spent heaps of time outdoors and has resulted in so much fun. I'm going to aim to do this more - maybe study outside more often. It's good to get that vitamin D.

I can't thank you all enough for the support you have given me this year. Your emails, comments and follows make my days better and I never want to stop blogging.

I can't stop now anyway, I'm only 32 followers away from 1000 followers on Bloglovin'. Can you actually believe it. 1000 people looking at my little blog that i created under 2 years ago!!! I think we should have a given to celebrate, dont you think?

I actually would love to hear more from you guys this year. Please leave a comment for your new year goals - I can't wait to hear about them.
Have a very happy new year and see you for a great 2015.

- harri xx

P.S. WOW! That was a very long writing post. I know I don't do that much but I actually really liked ranting on a bit like I was chatting to you. I hope you don't mind if lots of words turn up on this blog every now and again.



  1. You've set some really lovely and well thought out goals! I hope everything happens for you in 2015!


  2. Oh Harri you've achieved so much this year! I remember when your blog was still CupcakeCrafty. It's been amazing getting to watch you grow and achieve such wonderful things, I know next year will be even more wonderful for you! I did a photo a day with my instax for the past year and it's tricky, but worth it! Best of luck with all your goals, they're great :)
    x Erin
    The Halfway Point

  3. So happy for you that your blog has grown so much since 2014! Your goals for the new year are great, hope you accomplish everything and that you have a great new year! Btw, I followed you, this blog is so pretty and amazing.


  4. Great goals for 2015! Congratulations on (nearly) hitting 1000 followers, I wish you all the best to the new year :)
    - F - www.elevatorbrain.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I love your list of goals. Lovely post. <3


  6. Your blog is just ahh absolutely amazing! Would you mind and go check out my blog:
    www.missangelblog.wordpress.com thank you your blog is amazing and fantablous!
    Xx Angie

  7. Just discovered your blog! It's so cute and creative, congrats on your milestones :)

  8. I just discovered your blog and it isn't SO incredible that you reach so much followers ! YOUR BLOG IT'S AMAZING to me ,wish i had a blog like this :* i'll definelly follow you <3


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