10 Dec 2014

it's christmas // gold paper wreath

It's christmas time and if you are excited as I am, you must be pretty pumped! The decorations, the presents, the food and finally SUMMER!! Well for me it is anyway!
I'm starting the christmas season with a fine diy paper wreath that looks oh so pretty but elegant in gold.

what you need //
white cardboard (A3 sheet) // gold paper - or paint your own // scissors // double sided tape or glue // pencil

step 1 // trace a donut style circle onto your white cardboard for your base. You can decide how much space you want, but you will have two layers so make it bigger than you would want it.

step 2 // Create a template and trace your leaf shape onto the back of your gold paper

step 3 // cut out your leaf shapes carefully

step 4 // Fold your leaves in half to create a shadow and highlight effect as well as a more realistic and 3D look

step 5 // Create a layer of overlapping leaves around your base using double sided tape

step 6 // You want to be able to create a second layer of leaves in the middle of the first layer and continue to overlap

Now hang your elegant wreath on your bedroom door....I don't suggest outside but enjoy it outside!
see you next week
x harri



  1. This is such a beautiful piece and so creative too!


  2. Omg, Harri! That's such a great idea, I'm definitely making this, this weekend. Love your blog <3

    Olivia/ livs-corner.blogspot.co.nz

  3. Loving the idea so much !! great work harri as always :)


  4. This is a great idea! now following your blog !


  5. Hello sweetie! I am doing a new post with the TAG 10 things that I love and 10 things that I hate. I have chosen your blog to do the same thing so I hope you participate in this little thing and let me know your answers, I will love to read them.



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