4 Jan 2015

5 Instagram Tips

I am very proud of my Instagram feed. The photos are all my favourite photos and I love getting the comments from everyone. I don't get as many comments here so I don't always know what you guys think.

I always make sure my feed is well looked after and has a style. The style evolves of course but I love having a slight theme to work off. Sometimes I'll throw in a picture of a beach amongst the minimal photos and the change looks lovely - as you can see below.

A couple of months ago I did a "5 tips for a successful blog" post and I thought I would do that again but for Instagram since it was very popular

1 // high quality

Having good photos is key. High quality doesn't just have to mean a crisp large photo - though that's great too :). Just don't post a badly framed, dark shot with that ugly background. Take time to think about the overall look of your photo as well as lighting.

2 // quality over quantity

Don't post for the sake of it. I'm pretty sure I covered this in my blog tips. Some of the major accounts post once or even twice a day but if you only have time to have one or two beautiful photos a week, then do that. Don't post bad photos in between just because you feel you have to. because you don't have to!!

3 // do something different

Lot's of blogger's feeds including myself have a very white background and then a splash of colour. It's very overdone and I try and get a bit more creative with mine, though it's very my style as well. Try a different theme or set of photos - maybe a series. Just be a bit different and your feed will stand out from all the others.

4 // interact on insta

To get followers on insta I've found the best way is to interact. Don't just scroll your feed endlessly double tapping. Slow down and write a thoughtful comment on a photo. Also follow new people and reply to your comments. If someone asks you a question - don't ignore it, answer it and you might make a new friend! Instagram is a very easy place to interact with your followers, some that might be following your blog also.

5 // Be a positive person

don't start your captions negative. Say something happy and cheery. Ask how everyone's day was, tell everyone about your new blog post. Don't whine about your horrible monday at school (we all know the feeling!!) or complain about the amount of homework. Write something that will inspire your followers when they might be having a bad day. You never know, you might turn someone's frown upside down!

I hope these tips might get you started for being a great instagrammer!!
Instagram is by far my favourite social media and it can be yours too!!

- harri xx



  1. Love this blog post! Will definitely be using these tips x

  2. Really great tips! I absolutely love your Instagram! x


  3. Great tips! I just started an Instagram account for my blog and these tips will help me out a lot! I love your blog, so amazing.


  4. Thanks for the tips! I really like your instagram feed. :)

    I just started a blog and an Instagram account for my blog so I will use your tips!

  5. love these tips! thanks so much for sharing :) xx

  6. Great tips! I agree with all of them :) just started following you as well - love your feed!

  7. Hi Harri! New visitor here and i fall in love at the first sight towards your style :) thank you for this helpful tips!

  8. Great tips!
    I have no white background at home, since I still live with my parents and the whole house is "wood-themed".


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