10 Jan 2015

beach essentials

So it's summer in NZ and it's been amazing. Everyday its been sunny and hot and all there is to do is jump in the ocean at work because it's too hot to do anything else.

It's amazing and of course summer means beach and beach means beach essentials, so here is mine!

Bikini // Well this is kind of essential...unless you don't want to swim. And if that's you well you are missing out! I love my bikini from Piha Swimwear but it's a style for 2012/2013 so it's not available now - expect the top is available at north beach for a cheap price if you are interested.

Towel // If you are swimming you need one, if you are sunbathing you need one, it's just needed ok? Don't go and argue it please. I got this very pretty one for christmas from my parents and it's from Karen Walker. It's the most prettiest anchor design in blue. I love!

Instax Mini // I love my instax and getting instant beach snaps are the best I think. The lighting is perfect and retro looking beaches are just on point. I know that my instax will go on every trip this summer. I'm trying to take an instax for everyday in January and so far I've succeeded. Will share soon.

Magazines // When you've been for a swim, a nice relax with a frankie magazine is great! But any magazine is great for a read and it's easier to flick and not end up stuck in a book. But if that's what you want then bring a book. But you might forget to put your sunblock on.

Beauty Products // The obvious product is sunblock. NZ summers are harsh and you can get burnt so quickly. Having good sunblocks and a necessity to survive actually. I also find having an SPF lip product essential because my lips get burt so easily and it's hideous. I've also got this oil for your hair that is really good for protecting your hair from the sun and salt. This will keep your hair nice and healthy.

Water Bottle // Dehydration is very common if you are busy it's very easy forget to quench your thirst. Having a pretty drink bottle is a good idea and then you won't forget. My favourite is my nude water bottle. It has an infuser that can be put into it for infused water with fruits or mixes. My favourite is lemon and mint. Read my infused water post for more ideas.

Jewellery // I love having jewellery than I can wear all summer. My favourite are my rope bracelets - one is homemade from sailing rope and the other is from miansai. I also have a natural seashell ring on a sliver chain which I love. I can wear all of this at the beach so it's great!

Hat + Sunglasses // Be sun mart and sun safe with a nice hat and a pair of sunnies. You can be stylish with your protective gear. Remember to put on a t shirt when you have had a lot of sun for the day, your skin will thank you!

Enjoy your summer and the beach (and your winter and snow if that's what you have!)

- harri xx



  1. So lucky! It's 37 degrees where I am. I wish I was at the beach! Must be gorgeous there!
    Washed by the Water

  2. I take my polaroid with me everywhere!I love the way you layout your items!! xx

  3. Definitely agree with all of them, sunscreen is key in this NZ heat!!

    Katie // http://www.zzandh.com/

  4. Hey I just came across your blog and loved it! Gorgeous pictures!
    I don't do this often but I would love for you to visit my blog and follow if you enjoy it!
    I hope we keep in touch :)

    Korallia - corallblogs.blogspot.gr

  5. What a pretty roundup! Summer sounds amazing right now -- I'm in the dead of winter!


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