7 Jan 2015

keeping a diary

Is everyone ready for 2015? I know I'm ready for a fresh start, though I don't love the "new year, new you" saying. I think you can have a 'new you' everyday, there is always things to improve on.
I've never kept a diary very well. I'm all keen in January and then it gets tossed to the back of the cupboard and won't make an appearance in any other month of the year. Can I just get a January diary anyone?
But this year I'm going to keep my diary and here's some tips that I think will help both of us.

find the one that's right for you // A standard diary doesn't work for everyone. I've used planners and wall calendars and lots of different things through out the years. Some people prefer weekly views, maybe daily views and even monthly views. It may take some experimenting, but don't force a use of a diary, try and find something just for you. Maybe the frankie magazine wall planner would be suitable for you, or a kikki.k monthly pad planner. It's all up to you. This year I got a weekly diary from Kikki.K which is so cute.

pen vs. pencil // I'm sure this will spark an argument. Is pen or pencil better. I like using black pen because it looks so tidy and this year my diary is going to be black pen. But what if things changes, and with our busy lives they are guaranteed to do so. So for things that aren't confirmed - write in pencil and rub it out. Then when its the night before go over it with pen. This can help you with checking your diary every night.

let's go places // Don't leave your diary at the back of the cupboard like I do. Take it places, leave it out on your desk ready at hand when your friend texts you a selection of dates and times. Be ready and have as many things as possible in your diary so you don't miss a thing. This will definitely help you organise your 2015 so you have more time for fun and goal achieving

make it fun // Don't be boring! Get out your craft supplies (I know you have them) and washi tape and sticker that diary up. Make it fun for yourself so have fun prettifying every day, week and month. It's sure to make using your diary more fun.

more than a planner // Use your planner for more than a schedule, do some to do lists, right your goals, keep notes and bits and pieces in your diary. Most planners come with some form of pocket in the back or there is a cool tutorial here to add your own book pocket.

Have a structure // To keep it nice and neat, keep a structure. If you want different colours, have a color code - blog posts in pink, personal life in blue etc. Or use highlighters or put a box around important things. It always looks nice to look back on if everything matches and is in theme.

Hope this might get you started on using a diary
I'm back next week with an exciting photo a day project - so here's my tip, start taking some photos
- harri xx



  1. Hey Harri! Thought you might like to check out the Pilot Frixion Pens - they are ink, but erasable with heat/friction (an eraser). They don't look AS neat as a normal ball point pen. There's also the Sharpie liquid pencil, which looks better, but doesn't erase as well. Just some options if you're looking for an upgrade :D

  2. Such great tips! This year I am using Frankie calendar for special dates and another for writing what I did so I don't have to write much :)

    Ruby xx

  3. i liked this a lot. I also set out to keep a diary this year and I've been able to keep up with it. However, it's pretty boring, just mostly a list explaining what i'd done that day. I think getting creative and not constricting the diary to solely one purpose could really help! Let's do this! 2015 diary keeping, here we go :)


  4. These are great tips! I have to say, once you start writing consistently it's harder to stop. I've had multiple journals/diaries throughout my lifetime, and usually go through one a year.
    Oh, and about the pen vs pencil argument... black pen, hands down. ;)

  5. I used to always keep a diary. This really makes me want to start back!


  6. This is so useful! (:
    xx, http://theglimmerfox.blogspot.com/

  7. i have a weird and obsessive love of blog posts and articles about how to journal effectively. they always make me feel energized and inspired and then i feel as though i have been journaling when really i'm addicted to the internet.

    wow, that was a weird sounding comment.

  8. I have always kept a diary but it is just a simple book where i can express my mind and my feelings so i can sleep in peace. x)
    Also I have a scrapbooking diary where i put some pictures, memories and quotes. ^^


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