2 Feb 2015


Sorry for my absence once again.

I've been on holiday for two weeks on an island (with limited wifi) in the Hauraki Gulf, a 40 minute ferry ride from auckland.

I wanted to test out my Go Pro that I got before Christmas so I've made a video from my adventures this summer. Sorry it's a bit shaky, I'm still getting the hang of this camera.

Don't forget to put it in 1080p - its way better quality
I've got some back to school stuff planned...school tomorrow, can't summer happen again.

- harri xx



  1. WOW! That video was awesome! It makes me miss summer, since I live in the US! Lookes like a blast!:)
    xo erin
    ps- i love the music! what was the name of the song called?

  2. I love the video! It makes me want to go there. Seems like you had a great holiday!

    Hannie at // Chapters Like This //

  3. That video is amazing! I really want to go there now.
    Quick question: what did you use to edit the video? I'm in the middle of filming for a blog video but I'm stuck on editing, I don't take videos so much so I don't know which editing program is best for me.

    a little bit of sunshine

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  4. Amazing video, wish I had a great summer like you :)



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