1 May 2015

experimenting with paint

In my recent video on my visual diary I experimented with some paint. Paint has always been my least favourite medium in art because it's messy and I've always just found it difficult.

This year in art, well I'm forced to learn how to use oil paints and some watercolours and it's got me intrested in them. I received these pastel gouache paints (^^) for christmas and thought I should use them properly. Gouache is like a very thick water colour paint, which is a nice difference from watercolour and normal acrylic.

The second paint I've been experimenting with is traditional watercolour. I have always had palette watercolours but they don't work as well as tube paints. So I decided to buy a pack of 12 watercolour tubes from Reeves.

I love how rustic you can be with watercolours and it doesn't have to be perfect and neat, and if you muck up the blending - it looks how it is meant to look! I'm not the best painter really.

whenever I get new paints, my favourite thing to do is make colour charts for all the colours, just because it's fun! Also it's a good way to experiment how they look and how they work.

I really recommend getting some cheap watercolours and giving them ago because they are easy and you can't muck it up.

hope this might get you inspired to start painting, it's great fun

- harri xx


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  1. This makes me want to experiment a bit more too. Lovely pictures btw


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