14 Jun 2015

winter wishing

It's well and truly winter here in Auckland and I can't wish for summer anymore. But it's only 14 days in so I'm going to be wishing for awhile. Here's a quick wishlist that as always is a great gift guide of things I'm loving so far this season.

1 // My entire room is themed with copper. This copper basket is top of my wish list for my room. Yes please to building up the copper accessories.

2 // This candle from Kate Spade is too pretty and the packaging is just gorgeous. I probably only need the jar!

3 // This may be a winter wish list but I'm pinning for summer again and this print from Tales at Sea sums up a lovely summer for me.

4 // More copper accessories of course. Who doesn't need a rose gold tape dispenser from Kate Spade.

5 // I always love a new set of pens for my outline drawings and this drawing pen set from A Beautiful Mess is both pretty and practical.

6 // This is the top of my wish list right now. I've been loving delicate small necklaces for a while and I love this rose gold triangle shape metal necklace from elk. It's perfect!!

7 // My current phone case is from Casetify and I love browsing through the designs they have as well as designing my own. I'm currently loving this geometric iPhone case.

have a lovely week
Harri x



  1. this was so weird reading this as it has just turned to summer here in the UK, winter will fly by so don't worry! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

  2. The Kate Spade Candles sure is very pretty, that'll be a jar worth saving! :)

  3. Summer technically ended in my country but it's suuuper hot in Manila so it's meh. Anyway, I've been eyeing dainty necklaces lately. The one on the picture looks adorable!

  4. All of the Kate Spade pieces are so stunning!


  5. you have a really nice blog!!Did you start successfully or did you have a small amount of followers?I have some visitors but no follower or likes or comments...hope it''ll be better cause me and my bestie (we have the blog 2gether) try hard!! :)

  6. Absolutely in love with the Kate Spade candle.You should definately try it :)
    xx Skay

  7. How'd you create this? Picture wise.
    ~Racic | Washed by the Water

    1. did you learn how to create this?i have a blog and i wanna make one but i don't know how :/


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