25 Jul 2015

Currently Listening...

I recently got Spotify Premium and I think its easily the best subscription I've ever had. 
I've discovered lots of new songs, and rediscovered old ones. 

Here's a quick playlist on what I'm currently listening to. I'll update this from time to time on Spotify and you can view it here and follow it. Also, access it from the 'playlist' link in the nav bar (^^)

My most favourite band, The Colourist (When I'm Away) releases their new EP next week and I can't wait to listen to it!!

Hope you all had a good week back at school. I've got a surprise coming next week, so check back soon.
- Harri xx



  1. I really like CHVRCHES and I'm glad you put up one of their songs!

  2. The new Chvrches song came up in my Spotify suggestions today and I looooove it so much.
    you've got good taste girl x
    Savannah // www.zolablog.com


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