19 Jul 2015

my blogging essentials

Hello. I realised that I haven't talked about what I use for blogging for quite a long time. I get asked about my camera and things frequently so here's a post to answer all your questions.

So above in this photo is some pretty obvious, self explanatory things. Notebooks and pens are essential - make your own notebook here.

Canon EOS 1100D - This is my DSLR camera. I got this for my birthday in 2013 and it's absolutely amazing. It's a great starting out camera as well - though it seems pretty flash to me!

I've talked about using a DSLR and stepping out of auto mode and I made my own camera strap here.  There's lots of tutorials on the web as well and I hope to share some more tips soon.

iPhone 5 - Yes, my trusty iPhone 5 is often used for photography! Most of the blog photos here are taken on my DSLR but occasionally I will have used a iPhone photo as I don't take my DSLR out much.

Go Pro - I got my Hero 3 White GoPro at Christmas time and it's excellent for my outdoor life and for filming videos. I've made a video here on my summer holiday to Waiheke.

Instax SHARE - not technically a camera but it's sister mini 8 is a great camera. The share is a smartphone printer, so prints all my iPhone photos. See it in action here.

iPad Mini - When I bought my iPad mini, I thought a lot about getting a Wacom Tablet or a similar alternative. For blogging, I use it for all my drawings I show here and any handwriting text overlays I use (like the above photo!)

I have always used my handwriting on my blog so I needed something to be able to handwrite. I ended up going with an iPad because it has so much you can do with it and drawing apps allow me to hand write and then send it to my laptop.

Macbook Pro - My macbook pro is a late 2011 model. I have photoshopp CS6 on it which I use for editing all my photos and adding text overlays that I draw on my iPad. I generally don't use actions, I use the brightness and contrast settings and curves, which I explained here.

I hope this answers any questions you had about my blogging.
If you have any more questions, leave them in the comments and I'll get back to you.
- Harri x



  1. [ Smiles ] Great, so you use your iPad Mini for editing purposes.

    But, have you ever tried to format and entire post and publish it using only your iPad Mini.

    The reason why I asked is, because I was thinking of getting a tablet to blog on.

    1. Hi Renard. I have done this a few times with a program called blogsy. I'll admit it's quite a lot of work and formatting is very hard. I blog from my laptop because of this. Thanks

  2. I'm so glad you included the Instax Share - it's such a fun little printer to have.

    Erin | Being Erin

  3. I love seeing what other people use when it comes to blogging!


  4. Wow, you're so organized! I really admire you. Keep blogging. :)


  5. I love this post! It is so interesting to see what others use and recommend for blogging!

    xx, Chavva

  6. Great post! The Instax Share looks amazing. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. I'm doing my best to get followers - you are an inspiration :)

  8. These look beautiful Hari !! I followed your blog weekly and there is no doubt anyone loves you

  9. One day I hope I'll get where you are :)))

  10. More or less the same as me! But I don't have a Macbook yet!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!


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