13 Jul 2015

workspace style

I love room design and redecorating my room, my workspace is constantly changing! It's so addicting!

Today I'm going to share with you three different workspace styles that you could adopt for your own space, whenever it's a craft room, your bedroom or your office.

Since I get lots of questions about where I get things for my room, I've complied some lists of things that are featured in each photo. I'm sorry that I couldn't find sources for everything, plus some things I've made.

For the girly girl
Every girl secretly loves a bit of pink...especially pale tones! Pale tones of pink look great on a workspace as it's soft and many people love the light feel when they are working. With pops of rose gold throughout, this workspace has a great girly feel to it and can feel relaxing.

Don't forget to add your necessities into the picture including cute perfume bottles, jewellery and pretty pens and pencils. Also don't go overload on the pink. Match it with some white and wood tones for a perfect match.

included in photo
Copper canister, moleskine notebook, black + white pen, yen magazines, macaron jewellery holder, marc jacobs daisy perfume, poster - yen mag issue 71, copper clock, gold candle, pink storage box, pink pastel gel pen, grid + brown box - handmade, Desk - Trestle Union, bin - Essey BinBin.

For the creative girl
This is probably the easiest style to achieve. Almost anything can work with it. For this photo, I went for a slight blue colour palette to bring it together. You don't want it so crazy and colourful that there are no links. Having a plain wooden or white desk is also a good thing to have as it means the colour stands out and pops!

Look to show off your art and craft supplies as well as any other things you have and love the look of.  Make it feel like you love creating in your workspace and have everything easy to get to! I love my Instax camera so I've put it next to the bottle of lemonade that I saved from a couple of weeks ago.

included in photo
Stabilo Fineliners, Crumple Paper Pen Pen, wooden crate - unknown, instax mini 8, lemmy lemonade, gouache paints, weck glass jarmoleskine notebookblack + white pen, watercolor iPhone casedjeco water color, paint swatch print - unknown, blue watercolour print - Yen Mag issue 74, blue box - packaging, various Yen Mags, Desk - Trestle Union, bin - Essey BinBin.

For the minimalist 
Though I don't have a complete minimal look in my room, I absolutely love this style. My idea of a minimal look is pairing monotones with lots of wood and as it breaks up the black and white. I put the black and white poster up on the wall because it's a nice backdrop and breaks up the wood around it.

Lots of books and boxes that are in monotone can also look great stacked up together. Just remember to not have much clutter and everything tidily in boxes. Like the instax stuck in the printer is a splash of some different colours and as everything else is wooden, white and black it stands out.

included in photo
wooden lamp, instax SHARE printer, country road pencil casemoleskine notebookblack + white pen, tape dispenser, poster - Yen Mag issue 71, wooden pencil holder, wooden ruler, collection of faber castell pencils, white scissors, grid + brown box - handmade, Desk - Trestle Union, bin - Essey BinBin

If you have any more questions on where something is from, let me know in the comments.
So go and create your style - what's yours??
- Harri x



  1. I love redecorating (and rearranging) my room too. It's just been a little over a year since I moved in my current house and I've already shifted the furniture around in my room 3 times... I guess it really is kinda addictive. :P

    I must say that I really really love the styles you have created for your work space. My favourite would be the "creative girl" style. Thanks so much for posting. You are really such an inspiration. <3


  2. These are so, so stunning! I love your style. x


  3. Cool and simple work space! :)

    x M./ http://nevermindnm.blogspot.com/

  4. I'm also addicted to redecorating. It always makes the space more energizing to have a new configuration.


  5. where did you get your pencil case?
    I love your style!:))

    1. Hi, It's linked in the post. its a country road pencil case. Thanks

  6. I love all of these, but the minimalist style is my fave!


  7. I have always admired your creative space and the way you constantly reinvent it x

    Erin | Being Erin

  8. Hey Harri, You did the best job in your room and your room interior is great looking very pretty and addicting. Thanks for giving us good advice.

  9. Hi Harri, I just stumbled upon your blog and really loved the craft spaces. Been thinking lately about finally diggin in and creating my own. The minimalist is my favourite - thanks for the inspiration!


  10. I adore this! I am in the middle of re-doing my office and I think what I chose to do with that space will be so integral to how creative I am! Great ideas here :)


  11. Awhhhhh ! I really love your blog and i like very much your posts !! I think my workspace style is the creative !!

  12. Awhhhhh ! I really love your blog and i like very much your posts !! I think my workspace style is the creative !!

  13. all of these are so cute omg <3


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