8 Aug 2015

4 tips to Minimalism

As a continuiation of my previous room decor post I'm going to share with you 4 tips to achieve minimalism in your room. Minimalism in the home is a popular but tricky style in the decor world but if you follow these tips, it will be easy!

It's very easy to end up with a room looking like a zebra or dull and brown. But it's also very easy to break up the monotone and even add a pop of colour. Read on below...

1 / use wood

Wood is a great base to any minimalist decor. It is a brown tone but has texture and can look perfect with the usual black and white feel of minimalism. I suggest getting a wooden lamp or something for that's a main feature in the area to pull everything together.

2 / how to use monotone

Monotone doesn't just have to mean black and white. Greys and creams are also perfect for this. I actually have a tape dispenser and pen holder that is clear acrylic and that can also look excellent. Pops of black are great as well to bring a bit of boldness into the area.

3 / don't be afraid of one colour

I love rose gold and having one or two pops of a colour like this is perfect. Minimalism usually means that you have to just neutral tones but I think it can look a bit dull without at least a little bit of colour. Also you can get some plants and cacti which can brighten up a room as well. I suggest greens and blues as they are soft on the mind.

4 / declutter your room

As well as wanting to keep in a neutral colour palette...you also don't want to over clutter your space. Throw stuff out or keep things hidden away in boxes and only have essential items out on display.



  1. My minimalist heart is loving this post. You nailed the tips! I've been trying to introduce a few bits of blushy pinks here and there, I love that scandi trend.

    Emily | One Stormy Sunday

  2. I love minimalism! Thanks for sharing this x


  3. PLEASE do an updated room tour. PLEASE


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