22 Aug 2015


I've been trying to post this for about 2 weeks, but the Auckland weather has not been playing nice. It was my birthday last Monday (10th) and I turned sixteen, which was very exciting!!

I had an amazing day, I got spoilt by by friends and family and then we went out for dinner after school. Last Sunday, my friends and I went to laser tag and then went out for lunch which was lovely.

I thought I would show you a few things that I got. Something that I didn't include in this photo below was a tripod that my parents gave me (Thank you mum and dad!). I can finally film videos for this blog with proper equipment. I'll share it sometime soon.

So I got this copper canister from Lucy and Emma. I think it's from a shop called Allium. Coconut hand cream from Amy, elk necklace from my little sister. I got lots of Kikki.k pens as everyone knows I'm obsessed.

Mindy also got me this copper glass box from there and I love it to pieces. My grandparents got me a Yen Mag subscription!! I got this CD which I love because you can't buy it in NZ iTunes for some reason!

 This gorgeous little necklace is from Elk and I've been wanting forever!! My little sister got it for me and I love it so so much. I'm wearing it as much as I can.

Also...another exciting thing! I got my drivers license the other day!! I sat the 35 question test and got them all right so I can finally start learning to drive which is so exciting!!

Lots of Love
- Harri xx



  1. Happy belated birthday! ^_^ ♡

  2. Happy (late) Birthday Harri! I just realised my birthday is the day after yours, how cool!

  3. Happy Birthday! Hope you had an absolutely fabulous day! Also, that's so awesome that you can learn to drive and good job at getting all the questions right... I can't wait till I get to take the test next year.

    Bridget xx


  4. Sweet Sixteen !!!
    Zoe xx

  5. That little necklace melts my heart, so unique! x


  6. Hah Hi Harri! My name is Lauryn! I am also sixteen! (Btw Happy Birthday!) I run a design/ fashion/ beauty blog called "Elegant Chances". It would be awesome to talk sometime! Your posts are so cute!

  7. Happy birthday Harri! I hope you had an amazing day and got all the presents you wanted. I'm glad you had fun with your friends. I've been following your blog for a long time, and I look foward to your posts every day :-) Lots of love and good luck for the future!
    -Charlotte xx

  8. Happy belated birthday and congratulations on your drivers licence! xx


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