6 Sep 2015

diy beaded keychain

Today I've got a new DIY video to share with you. It's an easily customisable keychain that could be a perfect gift.

Made out of polymer clay and some keyrings, it's very easy and can be made in around 20 minute + baking time for clay.

Hope you enjoy!
- Harri x

P.S. I've created these beads with polymer clay and then painted the coloured ones but I suggest that trying air dry clay may be better. You kind of lose the holes through the middle when baking. Let me know if you try and it works better


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  1. Very cool, thanks for posting. Have you tried making coin rings yet? They are now offering a free punch template on http:// www.coinringtools.com. The template makes it easy to center the hole when punching the coin.


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