26 Sep 2015

style a shelf

I am so sorry for my absence the past month...have any of you actually stayed around? If so, thank you for putting up with me.

After my very popular, workspace style post, I thought I should show you some ideas for designing and styling a shelf.

Shelves are very different from desks as you are generally showing or storing things rather than having them for instant access.

For this theme...I have stacking my magazines on my shelf with some items on top. To the right, I have my cables box with my Kikki.K copper clock! Stacking books etc is a great storage option, while spines still look very pretty.

This second style is much more minimalistic and wooden theme. I really needed somewhere to store my cable box so I used it again here and put my old sunnies on top for decoration. I love showing off my Instax printer and my chopping board hahaha behind looks great, I think.

Hope this gives you a bit of weekend inspiration
Back soon
- Harri xx



  1. I really really love this post. You're so good at decorating. :)


  2. Your photography is to die for. Such perfection!! <3

    Emily // Lynde Avenue Designs

  3. This is so pretty!!! I am in love with it

  4. Where did you get the materials?


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