10 Oct 2015

photography: use your dslr


It's coming to the end of my holidays and I've barely posted. I've got my mock exams starting on Tuesday plus I've been working heaps so I've been pretty busy!

I've got an exciting post for you today. This is something I've been wanting to put together for ages now and I've finally done it! I actually did this a couple of years ago but it definitely needed improvement..so here it is!

So step one for learning how to use your DSLR is to click your camera into manual mode. It's a bit scary but experimenting is the only way to get started!

So the three main settings that you will find shutter speed, aperture and shutter speed.
Here's what each does and how you can adjust them!

Shutter Speed //
Shutter Speed is to convey subject motion. A faster speed causes moving subjects to freeze while a slower speed will create motion blur. 

Sometimes this is actually the aim of a photographer (enter, cool firework photos). For Example: 30” is a slow shutter speed will 1/4000 is a very fast shutter speed

ISO //
ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to the available light.The lower the ISO number, less sensitive to light

With more sensitivity, your camera can take photos in low light areas without the flash.But the con of higher sensitivity is that is adds a grain or noise to the pictures. A tip for using ISO is to use the lowest ISO possible to retain the quality of the image.

Aperture //
The aperture is adjusted to control the area of focus and exposure. This is done by controlling how much light is hitting the camera’s sensor.

Aperture is controlled by f-stop numbers. The lower the f-stop number, the wider or bigger the aperture. Look at the image above to get the idea of letting more light into the camera’s sensor

So hope that gives you a run down on what everything does. Now download this free printable, that you can put in your camera bag to take with you.
- Harri xx



  1. Oh wow oh wow oh wow!!! I totally needed this post. Thanks so much for all the information; you worded everything so simply and it was so easy to understand. :) I'm totally bookmarking this page. ahaha!!


  2. Gorgeous photos and great tips! Could you do a tutorial & tricks post for how you get your photos so bright and airy?

  3. I feel like I've neglected my DSLR recently, but feel much more inspired to get back into it after reading this!
    Thank you lovely :)
    Abel x


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