11 Nov 2015

sleep in style

Well after the very popular workspace style post a while back, I've decided to bring the second instalment of sleep in style!

I've got three different bed spaces to show you, that you can adopt to your space and change it up how you like your room to be!

As always, I've listed and linked everything that I can under each photo for you. Let me know if there's anything else I've missed.

For the Minimalist 
I have a very light grey feel for this space. I say this is a minimal style but it also feels soft and beachy. You can see the nice feature of ocean themed polaroids and some rocks I love. Greys work perfectly with wood tones with light greyed colours like I have done with the grey blues.

included in the photo
wooden lamp, tolix stool, rocks from the beach, blanket (not in stock anymore), cushions (custom fabric), instax prints

For the nature lover
Lots of people love incorporating plants and cacti into their room, I love it but am useless at keeping them alive! I have kept this theme very white so that the green pops out and shows off. I used the string of polaroids again but with greener photos and added the wooden stool to break up the white.

included in the photo
plant cosy, wooden stool, pillow, moleskine journal, instax prints

For the pink girl
My favourite is always pink and copper. Paired with my handmade vision board, this area is a creative girl's space. Copper clock and copper border on board ties in the wood and pale pink.

included in photo
wooden lamptolix stool, karlsson clock, vision board - handmade, vision board items - kikki.k, pillow - unknown, moleskine journal, iPad Mini



  1. So simple but classic and beautiful. I definitely love the lack of clutter around the sleeping space, makes it more of a sleep area than an area where you do everything else!

    Kyah - www.weekendtempo.com

  2. Harri I love these kinds of posts! will you be doing Christmas stuff this year? I would love some diys!
    -Charlotte xx

  3. I really liked the nature lover!!

    - margaritasqueen.blogspot.com


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