1 Dec 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas

My exams are done and it's December. That means two things. It's my summer break....and it's coming up to Christmas!!

Today I have partnered up with Avery Labels again to bring you a Christmas filled video. Using their labels I have created two christmas gift ideas that you can make yourself at home with easy materials that you have around the house (yes, including toilet paper rolls!).

One // Gingerbread Cookies
The recipe for the ginger bread is here on the Chelsea Sugar website. I dipped them in melted white chocolate and let them set in the fridge.

I've used Avery's Party Bag Kits to make a Christmas themed topper for the plastic bags that also come with them.

Two // Christmas Crackers
Christmas Crackers are really easy to make at home because all you need are old toilet paper rolls, some snaps (easy to find at $2 shop) and some wrapping. I used silver cellophane but if you want them to actually snap you need some paper that easily rips - try silver wrapping paper as an alternative.

To decorated I used Avery's Oval Glossy Labels to make a decorative Christmas tree label.

Enjoy and happy Advent!
- Harri xx


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