9 Dec 2015

Wall Dot Guide


Today I am partnering up with the lovely people at Happy Moose with their gorgeous wall dots. I absolutely love their dots. You can get any size from 10 x 10 cm to 80 x 80 cm. The best part is that you don't need extra high quality photos - any mobile phone photo works perfectly and they let you know if not!

They aren't permanent as well. They can be moved around at least 50 times and are perfect for rentals. I've styled this post as a guide to what sort of wall dot you should get for yourself and popped them in a nice place for a photo. I'm in love with these things!


This is a 48 x 28 cm dot which is the perfect size in my opinion. I got this in a old flat lay that I created a while ago which is perfect for any blogger. I placed it over my desk and it brightens it up so much. What I love the most is that you can show off your pretty things without them being all over your desk so your desk can be more minimal.

Included in photo
Happy Moose Wall Dot (48x48cm) / Lamp from Citta / Instax SHARE / Clock from Kikki. K / Copper Canister  from Kikki.K / Pens + Stationery from Kikki. K / Notebook from Moleskine / Instax Mini 8 / Watercolours from Djeco / Hand Cream from The Body Shop / Desk from Trestle Union


I think this one is my favourite one out of them all! I took a photo of a salad that my parents had made on a wooden table. This is perfect for any foodie to show off their cooking in their home and I absolutely love it above our stove (Mum didn't exactly think so!). You could put it anywhere, though the kitchen seems like the best place!

Included in photo
Happy Moose Wall Dot (48x48cm) / Salt Holder from Tony Sly Pottery / Spice shakers from Menu / jug from unknown


This is probably my favourite sunset picture I've ever taken. It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw! Sunsets, clouds, grass, plants are perfect to bring the outside in and create a nature lover's home. I paired it above my parent's bed with a plant and some monochrome bedding.

Included in photo
Happy Moose Wall Dot (48x48cm) / pillow from Madder & Rouge / blanket from Citta Design / Table from Douglas + Bec / Yen Magazine / hand balm from Aesop / plant was a gift


Everyone loves to travel and see new places. This gorgeous photo was taken by Emily of Castle Point in New Zealand. It's known for being an extremely windy place which literally blows you off your feet. For anyone who loves travelling, put your favourite travel photos up as a wall dot for when you have to be at home and not travelling. I placed this one in the bathroom because I loved the blues against our marble tiles - doesn't it look excellent as a reflection as well! The dots can be hung in the bathroom but make sure you dry it after it's got wet and I don't suggest putting it in the shower.

Included in photo
Happy Moose Wall Dot (48x48cm) / plant from unknown / pot is a paper coffee cup / soap from Aesop / Canister from General Eclectic


This one is a bit different. I decided to get a much smaller wall dot and use it on my laptop. Because the dots are completely removable they leave no marks and I can transfer it somewhere else if I want to! This is for the ocean lover because that's me and this photo was taken at the marina where I work and I love getting my laptop out and seeing it!

Included in photo
Happy Moose Wall Dot (15x15cm) / Macbook Pro 13" from Apple / Journal from Moleskine / Pens from Kikki.K / Desk from Trestle Union / Ruler from Hay Stationery

If you buy a wall dot I would love to see it so tag me on instagram (@harriwren.blog) or snapchat me. My username is harriwren.blog or use the snapcode below (follow for sneak peeks as well!)

- Harri x

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, and all opinions expressed are my own. I was sent these wall dots free of charge in return for a feature post on Harri Wren Blog. Many thanks to Alex @ Happy Moose for sending me the wall dots to share with you.



  1. What a good idea! These all look fantastic and are so simple. I LOVE what you did, such a blogger!

    Kyah / www.weekendtempo.com

  2. Oooh I love this idea - it's great that they can be moved 50 times!

    Erin | beingerin.com


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