7 Jan 2016

photo project 365

I talked about this project in my new years post but I wanted to show you all properly. It's one of my biggest achievements of 2015 and the best most tangible thing I have to look back on the year. Every day of 2015 I managed to find a photo of something I did, something I saw or someone I was with to capture the day.

Photo a day allows you to see more than just the memories that you choose to see. Sometimes the photo isn't exciting, but it still shows what your life was like even in the dull times. It helped me to find something special in every day and not miss the small moments that we would otherwise look right over.

Many days were tough and once or twice I felt like giving up, but it was wonderful to see a beautiful finished product and even the photos that I thought were bad, came together beautifully. It's a very satisfying thing to see grow. I had all my photos saved in an album on my phone and I loved showing people.

If you are doing a photo a day or week or something similar, I really recommend it. It's such a rewarding challenge and it makes you feel so proud when you get to the end. Not to mention you have a keepsake for each year!

- Harri x



  1. This sounds like such a cool idea!! I might try your suggestion of doing a photo a week as it doesn't sound quite so daunting!

    Katie // www.zzandh.com

  2. Well done on completing the challenge! I could never do a 365 challenge - I'm known for starting things and never finishing them. I'm currently two-thirds of the way through a 92 day instax challenge and it's been difficult, but very worth it. ♥

    Erin | beingerin.com

  3. Thanks heaps! Good Luck with your challenge. I have been following it - your photos look very cool xx

  4. yes a 52 challenge is probably a lot easier - 365 was daunting but I can promise you, it soon becomes habit! xx

  5. I'm doing an instax photo a day for the 3rd year in a row this year! It's so fun

  6. Oh my gosh, love this! Btw, I purchased the Instax mini and I'm having so much fun with it. <3

    Hannie Arden from Missing Wanderer.

  7. Well done! I did a 365 project a few years ago and it was the most challenge thing ever - to get an interesting photo each day haha!


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