28 Feb 2016

summer mixtape

Ahh...summer is pretty much over as it's March in a day! I am most definitely not ready to say hello to winter again! Memo to winter: stay away please!

Anyway to remember the summer vibes I've out together a small mixtape to keep me happy right now. This photo was taken at the gorgeous Sandy Bay on Waiheke (take me back!) and I miss it so much.

I also got a new wacom tablet this week and so I did all the handwriting on it. It's so great having the ease of drawing straight into photoshop. No more emailing from my iPad every little thing. Everything about it is so easy and simple, I really recommend them (not sponsored by the way - only true opinions!)

Hope you all have a good week - something very special is happening on Friday so stay tuned!!
- Harri x

 You can listen and add it on spotify here...



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  1. Thanks for sharing Harri! I am loving The 1975 - especially seeing as their new album just came out. The Sound is on my summer playlist for sure x

    Erin | beingerin.com


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