10 Feb 2016

summer visual wall

I don't know why i love seeing people's gallery walls and vision boards as much as I do, but its the truth. I love seeing what inspires other people and they are always just so aesthetically pleasing. When one comes up on Instagram, I get strangely excited and then admire it with envy. Some of my favourites are from Instagrams such as  @freshlypickked, @freshlypressed, @thedesignchaser and @viewsofnow. 

I decided it was about time that I gave my inspiration wall a spruce up. For ages I've had this mesh vision board on the wall but I wanted to go for a bigger more arranged wall for a while. I love how it's turned out, it's just so wonderful to look at - plus I have a little bit (only a little bit) less wall envy now with my one. 

Since my summer holidays have recently come to an end, I have pinned up many Instax photos from the summer period to remind me as I trudge through the days of school again. Along with many other knick knacks and quote cards from assorted places, my wall has come together very nicely. 

So yes, here is my gallery wall.....3 paragraphs of rant later! I hope you may find it as aesthetically pleasing as I find yours! Harri xx



  1. It looks beautiful, Harri! The fairy lights are my favourite - I have those as well but they are just sitting in the box until I find a use for them. x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  2. The fairy likes make it extra cute!


  3. It looks so pretty! I could do with something like this on my wall - cheer my room up a little!


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