20 Mar 2016

note on journalling

Journals, notebooks, sketchbooks, visual diaries or whatever you call them, are wonderful yet tricky things. First of all you have to find the perfect notebook - for me I've been trying for 16 years and I still don't think I achieved it. As a result of my indecisiveness I have ended up with a towering collection on partially used or unused notebooks, one which is signed by Emily that I must give them to her if they are still unused by 2017 (oh gosh, that's getting close!).

For me, a journal is a place for me to draw, sketch ideas, plan blog posts and collect inspiration in the form of sticking in knick knacks from all over the place. Some people like to diary their thoughts, schedule and travels but I hate writing in journals more than just bullet point notes because after a while my handwriting changes and I can't stand the imperfections!

Currently I have two journals on the go. A Moleskine journal where I've planned some blog posts in the form of drawings and notes as well as paintings and little art pieces. The other is a spiral bound visual diary which is where I collect design works that I love (for my aspiration to become a graphic designer).

These are my only journals for this year and maybe beyond. I'm not going to let myself change halfway through just because one is imperfect like I usually do. Here are some of my favourite pages in the two journals. Maybe this shall inspire you to try a journal for the first or maybe the hundredth time. Sometimes I just make a page that looks pretty that has no purpose but it doesn't mean I don't love it. Just make your journal how you want it to look and I can promise you, it does come together (and if you really hate a page, rip it out!!).

If you want to get some more journal and diary inspiration, have a look at my visual diary videos on YouTube here.

Love H x



  1. Harri, I love this post! I am so bad at keeping a journal, or planner. I make a tiny indent into one and then I end up scrapping it 2 months later. I am the worst at keeping a journal going. I get so worried about writing or scribbling or sticking things in because I think it isn't going to be good enough and in the end I just stop all together. This post has totally inspired me to pick up on of my 700 journals/visual diaries and finish it. I feel so inspired to just create! Also, I'm totally lucky my boyfriend works at Bunnings because he can bring me home lots and lots of paint chips woohoo! I am in love with your spiral bound visual diary x


  2. I used to have a different journal for every aspect of my life but now I just have the one and it's made life so much easier. It was damn expensive so I'm going to use every page :P x

    Erin | beingerin.com


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