4 Apr 2016

diy House jewelry hanger

Today I've put together a new DIY tutorial with balsa wood...again! I might as well rename this blog the 'balsa wood diy blog' as it's all I ever seem to use! But it's so easy, cheap and fun to use.

I've made a gorgeous house jewelry hanger today that you can customise how ever you want to!

you will need
Balsa Wood Off Cuts / Paint + Brushes / Stanley knife / Glue Gun / Ruler / Pencil / Permanent Marker

1 / Measure out even house shapes on the balsa wood with a pencil and a ruler. If you are interested, I made my house shapes 60 mm wide and then adjusted the height for each of them.

2 / Using a craft knife or a fine saw (for a cleaner cut) cut out each of your house shapes out. I cut mine out all separately to make painting easier, but you may find it ok to just leave it as one block.

3 / Paint your houses all different colours. I chose to keep one natural, one white and the other two blue. If you had more houses, a rainbow would be cool!

4 / I added some window embellishments with black marker to add some contrast to the white and natural hours

5 / Now stick the houses together in a line and hang your jewelry on them. You are done!

Don't you love the simplicity but practicality of it!
See you soon
H x


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  1. Such a cute idea!! I never would have thought to display my necklaces like this.



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