10 Apr 2016

easter at waiheke

During the easter weekend (which was kind of a while ago now!) we went for a day trip to Waiheke Island. It's not some far away island, it's just 40 minutes by boat from Auckland Central but you feel a million miles away from a city. If you are interested, I've done travel guides on it here and here in the past. I think that it got 5th best to travel to on Lonely Planet so it's a busy and popular place in the summer!

I went with my family and my friend Charlotte and I actually started taking some photos to source for my art portfolio this year which is rock pool themed and then we just got obsessed and took over 300 photos throughout the day. I'm proud to say that I'm finally achieving my new years goal of taking more of my photos with my camera rather than my phone and improving my photography!

Above is a sample of my favourite photos that we took that day!
- H x



  1. Love the photos Harri! Good on you for achieving your NY goal :) x

    Erin | beingerin.com

  2. looks so lovely! x



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