15 Apr 2016

felt peg board idea

To be honest, I'm in love with grey felt right now. It's just the most perfect thing and suits my white and blue room perfectly. The grey just completes it! And don't you just love the tones of felt - I could go on forever!

Anyway I decided to make this cute felt peg board. All I did was wrap some felt over a poster board and glued some mini pegs where I wanted them. Easiest DIY ever. If you want something a bit more interchangeable, you can Velcro or even blu-tack things on.

Totally the quickest DIY the world has ever seen but I hope you enjoy - or at least enjoy the pretty photos. It took me literally a week for the lighting to be bright enough after school (thanks no more daylight saving, school and auckland's clouds - much appreciated) so you better enjoy it!
- H x


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  1. lets talk about everything18 April 2016 at 01:48

    those boards are the best diys in my opinion!!they are just so inspirational!!


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