21 Jul 2016

wellington photo diary

hey friends! I went to Wellington for the day yesterday. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand (you know, parliament and all that stuff).

Wellington is known for its windy days so we were so lucky to have a beautiful fine day with no wind - though the temperature didn't get above freezing but it didn't stop us adventuring!

As my mum says, I'm the perfect tourist blogger - I took so many photos throughout the day, especially up the top of Mt Victoria at sunset which has the most magical view over the whole city!

The Wellington waterfront is beautiful and is all quite newly built and is very aesthetically pleasing (as you can see from the photos!!). I also loved the city, the streets are very narrow and cute to explore.

One of my favourite places I went to was the Six Barrell Soda Co showroom factory. This is a Wellington company that makes soda syrups and in their showroom you can try any flavour. I tried the raspberry lemon - which was amazing and really pretty!! Their showroom was up this narrow stairway in this old shoe factory building but was a beautiful open and light room - it was quite unexpected! I really recommend checking this out if you are ever in Wellington.

As with any travelling especially through airports, we had the normal chaos - especially when our flight was supposedly leaving 40 minutes early!! (they changed it to 30 minutes late after we were already in a massive panic!!) But having a day trip was really fun - the best part, not needing to unpack when I got home.

I hope you enjoyed the photo diary collage - I'm definitely going to do more posts like this, I love making them!
Lots of Love
Harri x


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  1. thecoppercase blog28 July 2016 at 18:28

    This is so beautiful Harri! love it.
    Elle x


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