10 Sep 2016

4 tips for changing your room style

Let's start with: I am addicted to changing my room style.
I am also spending too much money as a result of this.

If you scroll back in my Instagram feed you can see my room style has gone from all colours to pink to blue to it's current blush minimalist style. This is kind of costly when I always want new room accessories. SO I've figured out a way to this a better way (and save money) without compromising style. Now, I can share my tips with you!

one / white walls 
This is my number one tip for keeping your room light, clean and crisp. It also means that the walls can be decorated, have things stuck on it and nothing clashes. White painted walls also mean you don't have to commit to a colour theme (something I've found myself useless with!) and everything can be changed. So don't go and paint your room with Pantone's colour of the year...because it's not 2016 forever!

two / wooden + white furniture staples
Another way to keep your room timeless is to invest in furniture that is simple and plain. Most of my furniture is currently white or wooden. I have a light wooden trestle table, bedside table and wall shelf. My bed and dresser drawers also match each other. The simplicity of this sort of furniture means it doesn't matter what colours you accessorise with at the time. Anything that is a large purchase - duvet cover, throws, furniture should be as timeless as possible.

three / accessorise on a budget
(three ways to do so) 
- Rather than buy new products, paint your old ones. If you have coloured storage boxes (this or buy timeless white/wooden ones), you can just paint them or cover them with paper when you want to change up your theme. If you are like me, storage boxes will take up a huge part of your room and can add a lot of colour. You can apply this to anything from pencil cups to notebooks.

- Decorate your walls with mood boards. Finding pretty magazine pages that match your current aesthetic or trawling through Pinterest means you can put up amazing wall decor cheaply. You can either make mood boards or frame some prints or pages you find and love. This is a really cheap way of decorating walls that can be changed and can pull a room's aesthetic together

- Op-shop or hit Kmart. If you read this blog you probably love Kikki.K, General Eclectic and all those aesthetic brands that can make or break a room. But if you are on a budget and are wanting to change up your style, you never know what you might find for a bargain at Kmart (I've seen plenty of amazing copper stuff there.). At the same time second hand stores or places like eBay definitely have great room decor for a lower price.

four / don't be afraid to invest a little in a colour you love
If you love something that really ties together or a statement piece in your theme (I spent a lot on those nice pillowcases you see above!) just go for it and enjoy them. You can always store things later as styles come and go. I have a lot of extra room decor things and I currently have a huge drawer just full of other coloured themes and I definitely still use them for blogging and photos. Also, you never know when you are going to change back to a theme!

I hope you loved this post! More room decorating goodness coming your way soon xxx


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